‘F**k Those Dragons!’: Samuel L. Jackson Narrates ‘Game of Thrones’ Recap

Originally published on Yahoo TV. Click here to view.

This may come as a shock (you may want to sit down), but not everyone watchesGame of Thrones. As unbelievable as this may sound, HBO wants to make sure people are caught up with the latest GoT storylines, so they recently published a short beginner’s guide that covers seasons one through five. And just to make sure viewers stay entertained and engaged through all those confusing plots, they’ve recruited Samuel L. Jackson to narrate the recap.

If any of you have heard his narration of the children’s book Go the F**k to Sleep, thisGoT beginner’s guide is in the same spirit — meaning that its chock full of Jackson’s colorful language.

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Without giving away too many spoilers, Jackson does warn viewers of impending doom and possible emotional turmoil. Of the Starks, he notes: “Nice family, right? Don’t get attached.”

Even if you are all up-to-date with GoT happenings, Jackson’s masterful and hilarious description of the series is a must. The recap is probably more enjoyable for fans than for newbies, as Jackson makes several inside jokes. Our favorite may be his summary of Bran Stark’s entire storyline: “Bran? Bran’s trippin.”


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