Bryan Cranston Explains the ‘Power Rangers’ Movie to a Confused Larry King

Originally published on Yahoo Movies. Click here to view.

As an 82-year-old man, it’s no surprise that Larry King would find Power Rangers to be something of a mystery. When upcoming Larry King Now guest Bryan Cranston valiantly attempts to explain his character, Zordon, and the rest of the Power Rangers’ world to his host in the preview clip above, King’s mispronunciation of “Zorda” makes us think it all may not quite have sunk in.

“He’s a disembodied human being with his spirit in the ether world; he’s not a physical human,” said Cranston of Zordon. Reacting to King’s blank stare, the actor jovially continued, “I know that’s hard to explain. But with therapy, we’ll get through it.”

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For those as unfamiliar with the iconic ’90s show — and the 2017 movie it’s spawning — as King is, Zordon is the floating head that brings the Power Rangers together to fight crime. Cranston reveals to King he actually has a history with the franchise: He dubbed the audio of monsters on the original show so often that the writers named a character after him — Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger. In the movie, that role goes to RJ Cyler, joined by Naomi Scott as the Pink Ranger, Becky G. as the Yellow Ranger, Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger, Dacre Montgomery as the Red Ranger, and Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, the main villain.

“There’s red, and blue, and black, and yellow, and green. We keep it in primary colors, Larry,” explained Cranston. Based on teaser photos, the Pink Ranger joins the squad instead of the Green Ranger for the big-screen adventure. However, the Green Ranger does appear in the TV show, often as an antagonist, but it’s anyone’s guess whether Cranston simply made a mistake or unintentionally revealed the return of the Green Ranger. We’ll all just have to wait to find out when Power Rangers arrives in theaters on March 24, 2017.

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