Meet Sofia Boutella’s Bold Jaylah in New ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Clip

Originally published on Yahoo Movies. Click here to view.

Sofia Boutella’s Jaylah makes her debut in Star Trek Beyond, and based on earlier footage of her defiantly sitting in Captain Kirk’s chair, she’ll make a strong bid to join the list of the franchise’s most memorable aliens. Now, we get another early look at Boutella, who previously starred as Gazelle in Kingsman: The Secret Service, as Jaylah in a new preview clip (watch it above).

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This peek also features the return of Simon Pegg’s Scotty, his trademark Scottish brogue and perfect comedic timing intact. Boutella effortlessly keeps up with the comedy veteran and the two feature great chemistry, hinting at the possibility of Jaylah’s inclusion in future sequels.

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Boutella isn’t the only new arrival in Star Trek Beyond: Idris Elba also makes his franchise debut, confronting the returning cast as the villain Krall. Information on the new characters, as well as the plot, have been kept purposely vague. All we currently know is that the Enterprise and its crew venture into deep space where they face new challenges that threaten their own safety and the future of Starfleet. Director Justin Lin takes over for J.J. Abrams in this installment, bringing his action expertise to Star Trek Beyond from his previous work in the Fast and Furious franchise.

Star Trek Beyond flies into theaters on July 22.


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