‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ TV Movie Gets New Posters (And a Familiar Voice)

Originally published on Yahoo TV. Click here to view.


In an era of sequels, remakes and reboots, it seems only natural that Nickelodeon would chose to bring back one of its biggest hits from the 90s — Legends of the Hidden Temple. Instead of a whole series, Legends will return as a TV movie, but unfortunately not in the same reality competition show format. No release date has been set, but the reboot is set to debut on Nick this fall.

Dee Bradley Baker will return as the voice of Olmec, the giant talking stone head who will help “guide cast members on an adventure of a lifetime,” according to the network. Legends follows three siblings, Noah, Sadie and Dudley, who wander away from a disappointing jungle tour and wind up in a high-pressure, obstacle-filled journey of survival. Many elements from the original series will return, including Olmec, the Steps of Knowledge, the entrance to the temple, and appearances from a green monkey, red jaguar, and silver snake, which previously featured as the team names.

Nickelodeon also released three teaser posters for the movie, which feature familiar objects that fans of the show will immediately recognize. Attached with the tagline “The Legend is Real,” Nick teases a more ominous, dark tone for the reboot than the lively TV show. Check out the posters below.

The Pendant of Life:


The Shrine of the Silver Monkey:


The great Olmec:


While Nickelodeon has already revealed that a lot of the elements we loved about the original series are returning, there are a few more we’re hoping to see. Will the siblings don brightly colored t-shirts, gold helmets and knee-pads? Will their challenges feature a valuable history lesson, like this Galileo-themed segment from the original series?

We’re sure to get many of the original obstacles as well, one of which simply must bring back the iconic final challenge — the Temple Run with all of the themed rooms attached (the Throne Room, the Observatory, etc.).

What do you want to see in Nickelodeon’s Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot?

Legends of the Hidden Temple will premiere on Nickelodeon this fall.

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