New Jerry Lewis Drama ‘Max Rose’ to Premiere at the MoMA Prior to Theatrical Release

Originally published on Indiewire. Click here to view.

Today is comedian Jerry Lewis’ 90th birthday, so it only seems fitting to announce the premiere of his first film in 20 years, “Max Rose.” Yesterday marked the end of the MoMA’s major exhibition detailing a retrospective look at Lewis’ career, entitled “Happy Birthday, Mr. Lewis: The Kid Turns 90.” Next month, Lewis will join the filmmakers for the premiere at the Museum of Modern Art.

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Lewis’ popularity derives from his work in comedy, and he is well known for his roles in “The Nutty Professor,” “The Bellboy” and other comedies in the 50s and 60s. “Max Rose” marks an atypical change for Lewis, as he takes on an introspective drama about death, aging and deception.

Written and directed by Daniel Noah, “Max Rose” see Lewis in the titular role as a retired jazz musician whose wife recently passed away. Devastated by the loss, Max discovers something with an intimate inscription from another man, causing him to doubt his entire marriage and life. While searching for the mysterious suitor, Max explores his own past, accepts his declining health and finds hope where least expected. Starring alongside Jerry Lewis are Dean Stockwell, Claire Bloom, Kevin Pollak, Kerry Bishé, Mort Sahl, Rance Howardand Lee Weaver.

Upon learning that the film will receive its debut at the MoMA, Noah stated, “I am truly honored that our film will have its first official screening at MoMA. Their amazing retrospective illustrates what an extraordinary, original and incomparably versatile artist Jerry is, and I believe his work in our film will show that his talents have only deepened with age.”

“Max Rose” will premiere at the MoMA on April 10. The film will also receive a theatrical release from Paladin beginning in late August.

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