Watch: ‘Crush the Skull’ Trailer Juggles the Mixed Desire to Scream and Laugh

Originally published on Indiewire. Click here to view.

The director of “iZombie” may have learned a thing or two about mixing horror and comedy, which can already be seen in the trailer for “Crush the Skull.” In his feature film debut, director Viet Nguyen won the Nightfall Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival last year. Aptly named, the Nightfall Award honors the best horror film of the festival.

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In an ironic twist, “Crush the Skull” follows a group of master thieves who find the tables are turned when they are trapped in the house they intended to rob. They slowly discover that they accidentally walked into the home of a deranged serial killer. Nguyen reworked the script after the success of his 2010 short of the same name and its sequel three years later.

“Crush the Skull” will be released in Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle on May 13 and VOD on May 17. Watch our exclusive trailer above.

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