Alchemy and Arc Entertainment Pick Up Coming-Of-Age Drama ‘A Country Called Home’

Originally published on Indiewire. Click here to view.

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Alchemy and Arc Entertainment have acquired the international rights toAnna Axster’s “A Country Called Home.” The film marks Axster’s directorial debut, which was co-written with Jim Beggarly and stars Imogen Poots, Mary McCormack, Mackenzie Davis, June Squibb and Ryan Bingham.

The drama tells the story of Ellie, a young woman living in L.A. who learns that her estranged alcoholic father has died. She goes home to her small town in Texas for the funeral and soon meets her would-be family, including a distraught stepmother, her apprehensive son, a gutsy young musician and doting grandparents. Through these relationships, she catches a glimpse of the father she once knew, and discovers a new attitude towards friendship, loyalty and family.

“A Country Called Home” will be released in theaters on February 26 and on VOD on March 1.


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