Kodak and Sundance Collaborate to Support Indie Filmmakers

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Kodak and Sundance are creating a new alliance to support the Institute’s preservation efforts and help independent filmmakers. Kodak is providing film to the Sundance Institute Archives, which is home to a large number of images, tapes and artifacts preserved since the beginning of the festival.

In addition, Kodak is also creating 35mm exhibition prints for filmmakers who want to screen a film print as part of the U.S. Competition categories at this year’s festival. Finally, Kodak is offering Sundance Lab participants a 50 percent discount on film for their projects.

“Kodak understands the importance of keeping film available and affordable for independent storytellers to preserve their work regardless of the original capture format,” said Anne Hubbell, Director of Motion Picture Film at Kodak. “We are dedicated to supporting filmmakers and their creative choices.”

The first films to take advantage of the exhibition prints include Kelly Reichardt’s “Certain Women,” Antonio Campos’ “Christine” and J.T. Mollner’s “Outlaws and Angels.”

“Kodak’s help in finishing the film the way we started means so much to us,” said “Certain Women” Producer Neil Kopp. “Reichardt and [cinematographer] Christopher Blauvelt realized quickly that the movie had to be shot on Super 16 film, and to take it to a 35mm print is such a huge gift, especially for an independent film.”

The 2016 Sundance Film Festival will take place through January 31.

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