Seed&Spark and Teradek Partner to Bring Essential Production Help to Indie Filmmakers

Originally published on Indiewire. Click here to view.

Seed&Spark and Teradek have announced a partnership that will reward crowdfunding campaigns that gain over 500 followers with free Teradek products.

Seed&Spark is a crowdfunding site that launched in 2012. Teradek is part of the Vitec Group brand and manufactures wireless video devices on their cloud-based workflow management platform that allows users to operate in real-time from anywhere in the world.

The foundation for this project began when Seed&Spark members realized this partnership could be an important, cost-effective component for independent filmmakers.

“We have built a crowdfunding platform with the highest campaign success rate in the world,” said Seed&Spark CEO Emily Best. “We know that the only proven path to independence as an artist is a direct connection to your audience. We believe that our partnership with Teradek is a great incentive for filmmakers to do the important work of building and engaging with people who will see their work.”

Teradek products will be featured in the Seed&Spark filmmaker gift box, which is sent to every filmmaker who reaches the 500 follower mark. These products will provide filmmakers with a range of services, including editing collaboration tools, DCP creation and delivery, music licensing and credits generation. The gift box also includes festival fee waivers to a variety of film festivals in the United States, including the Sarasota Film Festival, the Oakcliff Film Festival and the Camden International Film Festival, among others.

Founding Seed&Spark member and participant Eve Cohen uses Teradek technology in her new documentary “Sunday,” which follows the narrative of several church groups after the 2015 Supreme Court ruling that legalized national gay marriage.

“We were shooting a hybrid documentary/narrative feature film that required a four-camera set-up; incorporating Teradek allowed us to save precious time while maintaining the essential flexibility required for this style of film,” said the cinematographer.

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