The Most Powerful Oscar Nominee You Probably Haven’t Seen Will Air on PBS for Free

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PBS’ documentary series, “POV (Point of View),” has acquired U.S. broadcast rights to Joshua Oppenheimer’s “The Look of Silence.” The film has been nominated for the 2016 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, Oppenheimer’s second nomination after “The Act of Killing.”

“The Look of Silence” is a companion piece to “The Act of Killing” and focuses on the youngest son of a family of survivors named Adi. He confronts the men who killed his brother and tries to break the suffocating spell of submission and terror through compassion. The movie was released in theaters this summer but only took in just over $100,000, not even half of the gross of “The Act of Killing,” meaning you most likely missed it the first time around. Fortunately, PBS will write this wrong.

“POV is privileged to bring the latest groundbreaking Joshua Oppenheimer film to American television audiences,” said POV Executive Producer Justine Nagan in an official statement. “On the heels of ‘The Act of Killing,’ ‘The Look of Silence’ takes an important step in uncovering genocide as one man displays incredible courage in confronting his brother’s killers. Oppenheimer tells jarringly personal, profoundly moving stories that open up universal dialogue. His latest film epitomizes the skilled storytelling that viewers look for in our series.”

“The Look of Silence” will air as part of “POV’s” 29th season on PBS sometime later this year.

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