This Twitter Account Shows How NOT To Introduce a Female Character In Your Scripts

Originally published on Indiewire. Click here to view.

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Producer Ross Putman has started a new Twitter account, @femscriptintros, that features introductions for the female leads in scripts he’s actually read. Putman changes the name of the female leads to Jane, but otherwise, he states that everything else is verbatim. While the intros are hilarious at first, they grow increasingly cringeworthy once reality hits that these are serious.  And the trends he uncovers explain a lot about the way Hollywood looks at women.

Really, these tweets have definitely opened up some serious questions for us ladies: For example, I now wonder why I don’t casually jump naked on my bed as well. Is something has been missing from my femininity as a result?

Read all of the female intros on Ross Putman’s Twitter feed.

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