Watch: Enter a Frighteningly Surreal Haunted House in First ‘Baskin’ Trailer

Originally published on Indiewire. Click here to view.

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After the success of the American born and bred “The Witch,” another new flick from Turkey might just be the next best horror film of the year. “Baskin” was first released at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, and seems to be tonally similar to the terrors and twists of “The Human Centipede.”

The movie seemingly follows your typical horror movie plot: A five-man unit of cops on night patrol after receiving a creepy call over the radio for backup in a small town. Upon entering an abandoned building, the five obviously split up and find personalized terrors awaiting them. Aptly named “Baskin” (which means “police raid” in Turkish), the film will subvert your expectations in the increasingly unpredictable narrative and surreal visuals.

“Baskin” opens at the IFC Center in New York City and on VOD on March 25. It opens on April 1 at the Arena Cinema in Los Angeles.

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