Watch: Enter the Completely Insane Control Room of ‘Grease: Live’

Originally published on Indiewire. Click here to view.

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In the past few years, popular musicals have been revived to perform live on television, starting with Carrie Underwood’s infamous “The Sound of Music: Live.” However, the most recent production of “Grease: Live” seemed to blow critics and fans away, at least compared to the previous shows.

While the audience enjoyed the wonderful staging and performances, they might not have realized the tremendous effort and skill of the production team. In this behind-the-scenes video from Associate Director Carrie Havel, we get to see the difficult making of “Grease: Live,” specifically for the “Grease Lightnin’” number.

According to Havel, “Every shot of the show was designed and scripted by our director Alex Rudzinski. My job was to execute that plan. You hear me calling shot numbers and camera moves carefully coordinated with the music.”

The video above is courtesy of Havel’s Facebook page.

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