Watch: There’s Evil in Frightening New ‘The Witch’ Trailer

Originally published on Indiewire. Click here to view.

Robert Eggers’ debut feature, “The Witch,” will unquestionably be the year’s first great horror film when it’s released later this month. The movie made quite a splash at Sundance over a year ago, with Eggers winning the Best Director Prize in the U.S. Narrative Competition. Soon, A24 will unleash the terror nationwide, and a part of it is gruelingly teased in the new trailer above.

Set during the time of Puritanical Christians and Salem witch trials, “The Witch” is a modern horror classic about black magic, family disillusionment and possession. Once the local church threatens to banish an English farmer, he relocates his family to a remote farm on the edge of an ominous forest, where strange and unsettling events begin to happen as soon as they arrive.

“The Witch” will be released in theaters on February 19. Watch the trailer above.

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