Watch: This Intense Trailer Proves Why ‘A War’ is an Oscar-Nominated Dark Horse

Originally published on Indiewire. Click here to view.

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Tobias Lindholm’s Oscar-nominated film is a tense new drama about the crossroads of family and war. This is the second time one of Lindholm’s films has been nominated for an Oscar; he previously wrote the screenplay for the Mads Mikkelsen drama, “The Hunt.”

The narrative toggles back and forth from Commander Claus M. Pederson, stationed in an Afghan province, and his wife and children back in Denmark as she tries to hold everyday life together. During a seemingly routine mission, Pederson’s troop is caught in a crossfire and he makes a controversial decision that has grave consequences for himself and his family.

“A War” will be released on February 12. View the trailer above.

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