First Trailer for Cannes Premiere ‘Personal Shopper’ With Kristen Stewart

Originally published on Mxdwn Movies. Click here to view.

After the premiere of Personal Shopper, the first reactions to the Kristen Stewart thriller centered around the scattered booing that occurred during the screening. Several leading film critics noted in their reviews that the boos had occurred, and some stars and attendees also took to Twitter to spread the news. The booing does not necessarily mean that the film is already a deemed a failure, since there is a large history of booing in Cannes premieres to critically and commercially successful films after their theatrical release.

Personal Shopper stars Kristen Stewart as Maureen, a young American living in Paris who is a personal shopper for media celebrities. Her twin brother recently died in the apartment she is living in from a chronic heart problem. After his death, Maureen starts to experience some supernatural occurrences that she believes are her brother. Director Olivier Assayas not only created a gripping thriller, but also a dramatic study of the effects of grief and alienation in a foreign country.

Watch the trailer below and see if it deserved the booing it received. Personal Shopper will be released by IFC films sometime later this year.


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