Complete Your Comic-Con Cosplay With New ‘Suicide Squad’ Costume Collection

Originally published on Yahoo Movies. Click here to view.

Although Harley Quinn and other Suicide Squad costumes have been heavily cosplayed since the first trailer debuted last year, film-inspired Angel Jackets is making it a lot easier to dress like the characters this year.

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After the debut of Suicide Squad costumes at Comic-Con, Angel Jackets has released a line almost identical to those worn by our crime-fighting villains. The collection covers about every member of the Suicide Squad, and features an almost complete Harley Quinn outfit (including her vintage-looking revolvers).

There’s several different Joker costumes, offering customers a wide range of jackets from his iconic purple coat to an ivory tuxedo (Jared Leto sure has a lot of costume changes in the movie). Angel Jackets was also able to turn Deadshot’s costume into a thick leather jacket, simplifying his red and black armor-like jumpsuit.

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Check out three items from the collection below and visit Angel Jackets’ website for more. Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5.

Harley Quinn:

The Joker:



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