Margot Robbie Schools Will Smith in a Round of ‘Playground Insults’

Originally published on Yahoo Movies. Click here to view.

Don’t bet against Harley Quinn when it comes to “Playground Insults.” When Margot Robbie and Will Smith settled in for a round of the game at BBC Radio One (watch the clip above), Smith gets disarmed fairly quickly when Robbie cuts off his play of the “Margot’s mom” card with a low blow referring back to the actor’s “Big Willie” style of the late ’90s.

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Once that gives her the upper hand, it’s fun to watch Robbie relentlessly tear into her Focus andSuicide Squad co-star, jabbing him with playful insult after playful insult, earning her the unanimous decision at the end of the round. Smith just seems too nice (or strategic) to retaliate or defend himself, even against shots at his age, appearance, and the “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” video.

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“You were the worst looking cast member in I Am Legend,” said Robbie in a particularly solid insult. “That,” Smith helpfully clarified for anyone who might have forgotten, “was me, zombies, and a dog.”

Suicide Squad, co-starring Robbie and Smith, is in theaters now.

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