‘Mission: Impossible 6′ Coming Summer 2018

Originally published on Mxdwn Movies. Click here to view.


Paramount Pictures has set a release date for Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible 6 for July 27, 2018.

Just as Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation was opening last year, Cruise announced the plans for the sixth feature in the long-running action series. Paramount was surely eager to sign off on the sequel after a $121 million global opening weekend for Rogue Nation, which eventually grossed $682 million worldwide.

Earlier this April at Cinemacon, Cruise promised audiences that Mission: Impossible 6 would have “more incredible set pieces, stunts…and what I think is a very entertaining and compelling story.” After the airplane and skyscraper stunts of the fifth and fourth movies respectively, that is a high promise to keep.

Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation director Christopher McQuarrie is set to return as director, with Rebecca Ferguson also confirmed to play Isla Faust. No other cast members have yet been confirmed.


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