AAEAAQAAAAAAAAXrAAAAJGRmMTJiZjE2LWIzMTYtNGIyOC1hMjU0LWUxYWM5M2I1NWE4YwCommunications/film student with extensive knowledge of and experience with entertainment journalism, content writing, film and television, blogging and graphic design. Possesses excellent interpersonal skills, writing and editing expertise, and marketing collateral design and creation. Main interest in the film, television and the entertainment industry, but other interested fields include marketing, editorial, publishing, magazine editing and layout, and graphic design.

I also run a successful film blog on Tumblr with over 14,000 followers. Click here to visit the site. Click here for my LinkedIn account, and here for my Twitter.

This is my portfolio for my professional written and design work. My film and television articles are written for Indiewire, Yahoo Movies/TV and Mxdwn Movies. My opinion articles are written for my school newspapers, The Fordham Ram. My marketing collateral was created for Novitex Enterprise Solutions.